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The hidden secret in Doctor Samuel Hahnemann’s writings for the cure of chronic constitutional diseases.

Dear Readers,

The intuition of using four constitutional remedies was the greatest gift of love that our Creator could have given to humanity.

For the great majority of people the sine qua non condition for being cured is to take the appropriate 4 constitutional remedies, chosen ad personam. Their therapeutic synergism can cure up to 60,000 symptoms!

The G.A.G. Method completes Hahnemann’s homeopathic philosophy with 8 fundamental LAWS. The 8 postulates exhaustively and definitively explain the method to follow in order to cure chronic diseases.

The 5th LAW of the G.A.G. Method, or law of Predictability, for example, enables the prediction of pathologies and the period in which they could occur.

the panic attacks I’ve suffered from for 35 years. Before using homeopathic Hybrids, I had never observed the healing of Thalassemia minor. With my treatment method, the volume of red blood cells, which is lower in those affected by this disorder, returns to normal volume. Therefore, in this specific case, genetic mapping is not necessary to demonstrate that healing has occurred; it is a fact that can be shown by taking a sample of peripheral blood. This is just one of the many ways to prove that “The medicine of homeopathic Hybrids” is able to reset the genetic files that program chronic constitutional diseases. Chinese medicine teaches us that at birth, each individual receives a quantity of vital energy, a small “pulsing sun” that

nourishes our internal organs, but inexorably runs out during the course of our lives. This phenomenon is easily observed in older people: if they do not die of illness, they feel increasingly cold until they “go out” like a candle. Acupuncture “stimulates” circulation of vital energy through the meridians; the G.A.G. Method, on the other hand, “implements” our vital energy each time we take a homeopathic remedy.

Have I perhaps discovered the elixir of life?




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